Q. Do we rent out Mobile Homes?
A. No, for our residents’ security and comfort we do not permit subletting.

Q. What are the ongoing costs?
A. Licence Fee – Annual
Mobile Home insurance – Annual
Electricity – Each unit is metered individually and you are billed based on your own own usage at the end of each season.
Gas – The heating and the cooking in your unit operates on bottled gas.


  • Provision of water and sewerage service to your mobile home
  • Domestic refuse areas
  • Full Recycling Facilities
  • Grass cutting of your site
  • Exclusive use of on site facilities and leisure amenities
  • Maintenance of facilities and common areas
  • Winter Storage

Q. If I purchase a mobile home on site, do I own the site?
A. When purchasing a mobile home sited on the Park, it is the mobile home that is being purchased – not the site. The site is provided to the purchaser of the unit through the eight month licence agreement and is at all times the property of Central Holiday Park.

Q. May clients erect their own veranda’s?
A. No, veranda’s may only be erected by Central Holiday Park Ltd designated contractors.

Q. Can I sell my mobile home on-site?
A. Yes, but solely through Central Holiday Park Ltd and provided it is less than 12 years old. The only way it can be sold privately is to do so off-site.

Q. What is the park agreement for mobile homes on site?
A. Central Holiday Park operates a yearly licence agreement.

Q. When does the Park Open?
A. The Park opens annually Mid-March to the end of October the next four months are known as winter storage.

Q. Can we bring the children’s bikes?
A No problem, bring the bikes & the footballs, we have lots of space to run around.

Q. Can we put up a pop up tent?
A. No we do not allow tents to be erected beside mobile homes.

Q. Can my immediate family use my mobile home?
A. Yes, they can, as long as we are notified in advance of their arrival and they abide by the park rules.

Q. Can I bring my pet?
A. As long as it’s not a snake or a tarantula most normal pets are welcome. We are a dog friendly park, but your neighbours would appreciate, if he would behave himself at night, and that you must clean up after them. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01 254 4447

Contact Info

Central Holiday Park Rosslare,
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For all enquires contact Geraldine – 01 254 4447 or email info@centralholidaypark.ie